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Country-Specific Certification

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Certification in counseling indicates professionalism. It is a sign that counselors have met rigorous standards for education and training. The Global Capacity Building department utilizes its experience as part of the premier counseling certification agency worldwide while respecting the culture, needs, and practices of countries seeking to develop a professional certification program.


The National Certified Counselor (NCC)-Country Certification Process


Formal collaboration begins when local leaders determine that certification would be advantageous to counseling development and professionalization.


The partnering organization and NBCC come to an agreement about the certification’s development.


NBCC collaborates with the program partner to establish five certification requirements, and these requirements are based on widely accepted international standards.


NBCC works with the partner as needed on the mechanisms for developing these standards.


Once standards are chosen, NBCC provides support to the program partner in launching the new certification, known as the NCC-country, and application process.


A country-specific certification is based on the practice and education of counseling within that particular country. Therefore, it is based on local cultural context and reflects the realities of the profession within that particular country. By becoming certified, individuals can show that they have met the required standards to practice within their local setting.

The country-specific NCC is created in collaboration with an organization that wants to set certification standards for professional counselors within their country. The NCC offered by NBCC reflects the reality of the counseling professional standards appropriate in the U.S., while the NCC-Mexico is based on standards within that country.

Local experts decide on the individual standards; NBCC, through its Global Capacity Building department, provides expertise and consultation on the process of creating the certification. NBCC collaborates with counseling organizations or other related entities to create the certification. Once created, the certification is administrated by a country-based organization.