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2021 Symposium

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2021 Bridging the Gap Symposium

Call for Presenters

The NBCC Foundation is accepting proposals from individuals interested in presenting at its 2021 Bridging the Gap Symposium: Eliminating Mental Health Disparities, to be held May 26–28, 2021, in the Washington, D.C., metro area. The theme for the Symposium is Making Spaces for Unseen Faces, with an emphasis on counseling skills, research, and resources that can improve, strengthen, or enrich the lives of individuals who represent minority and other underserved communities.

We welcome applications from presenters who can provide creative and unique presentations that highlight evidence-based and promising practices or relevant research addressing ways to serve and bridge the gap for: people of color, Indigenous peoples, women, members of the military and their families, differently abled individuals, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Category Descriptions:

  • Application of Therapeutic Principles to Social Issues – Topics that demonstrate an understanding of socially conscious issues and culturally sensitive counseling practices for minority and underserved clients.
  • The Intersectionality of a Global Crisis and the Implications on Mental Health – Topics that demonstrate an understanding of complexities of managing mental health during a pandemic when serving minority and underserved clients.
  • Minority Clients and Societal Institutions – Topics that demonstrate an understanding of problems related to preventing and addressing racism, discrimination, and other social barriers to care in educational, governmental, religious, health care, occupational, and other societal institutions. Focus must be on counselor advocacy, social justice, or ethical questions as they relate to minority and underserved clients or professional counseling practices.
  • Surviving or Thriving: Counselor Wellness in the Age of Advocacy – Counselors who are serving as advocates and facilitators of their clients’ and communities’ progress toward social justice and equity must also care for themselves and allow themselves space for rejuvenation and respite. Sessions aligned with this category will focus on research, tools, and strategies to help counselors thrive.
  • Leadership and Advancing Advocacy – Sessions in this category will focus on the importance of counselor leadership and political engagement. Leveraging counselor strengths for positive community impact will be a key focus.


  • Aug. 15–Oct. 31: Application period open.
  • Nov. 1–Dec. 1: Proposals reviewed.
  • Dec. 15: Presenters notified if proposal has been accepted.

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