Mental Health Facilitator

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Learn more about the Mental Health Facilitator Program through the following peer-reviewed articles:

Population-Based Mental Health Facilitation (MHF): A Grassroots Strategy That Works
Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) Service Implementation in Schools in Malawi, Africa: A Strategy for Increasing Community Human Resources
The Mental Health Facilitator Program: A Multi-Country Evaluation of Knowledge and Skills Acquisition

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Additional Published MHF Articles

Paredes, D., Schweiger, W., Hinkle, S., Kutcher, S., & Chehil, S. (2008). The Mental Health Facilitator program: An approach to meet global mental health care needs. Temas Selectos en Orientacion Psicologica Vol. III Discapacidad [Select Topics in Psychological Counseling III Disabilities], 73-80.

Roller, K. M., Saint-Jean, F., Barnett, J., Louis, E. F., & John, P. (2020). Culturally-Responsive Mental Health Outreach and Trauma Training in Haiti, 12(1), 7–39.

Shannonhouse, L., Zeligman, M., Scherma, H., Luke, M., Schweiger, W., Mcdonald, C. P., & Wanna, R. (2019). Mental health facilitator service implementation in Mexico: A community mental health strategy. Journal of Counselor Leadership and Advocacy, 6(2), 114-128. doi:10.1080/2326716x.2019.1637303

Van Leeuwen, J. M., Adkins, S., Mirassou-Wolf, T., Schweiger, W. K., & Grundy, R. (2016) An evaluation of the Mental Health Facilitator programme in rural Uganda: Successes and recommendations for future implementation. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 26(3), 288-299.

Zeligman, M., Shannonhouse, L. R., Scherma, H., Luke, M., Schweiger, W., & Wanna, R. S. (2019). Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) implementation in Mexico: Perceptions of facilitators and beneficiaries. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling,41, 389-406. Retrieved from

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