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NBCC Staff Celebrates the 8-for-8 Challenge!

Published 5/28/2024

Dr. Robert A. Horne began his relationship with the NBCC Foundation in 2013 as a member of the inaugural Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) cohort, also known as “The Dream Team.” Since then, Dr. Horne has been a mentor, fellowship and scholarship application reviewer, and MFP Advisory Council member. He currently serves on the NBCCF Board of Trustees. Dr. Horne spearheads the 8-for-8 Challenge to support the Foundation’s mission to advance global health equity through expanded access to counseling and mental health services.

Dr. Horne is passionate about giving back to the Foundation in any way he can because what he received as a Fellow and volunteer has been invaluable to him. “The MFP changed my life. It allowed me to graduate with my PhD earlier than planned and opened many doors.” Dr. Horne envisioned combining his love of motorcycles and his desire to spread mental health awareness, thus creating the 8-for-8 Challenge in 2017.

Dr. Horne commenced his multi-year endeavor by embarking on a 10,000-mile solo motorcycle ride to visit all four corners of the United States, and in 2021, he completed an 8,000-mile ride. Continuing the initiative in 2024, Dr. Horne will complete a 13,000-mile journey over 39 days, including a stop in Alaska for the first time. Dr. Horne hopes he can inspire counseling professionals, counseling students, and the surrounding communities to help fund an $8,000 master’s-level counseling scholarship by donating $8 and asking eight other people to donate $8 and so on.

On May 16, Dr. Horne visited NBCC and Affiliates staff to give an inspirational speech. In it, he discussed his upcoming ride and expressed his gratitude for their encouragement and support since he joined the NBCC Foundation family in 2013. “The first two MFP cohorts discussed intentionally making the connection a family so the Fellows and the Foundation would be close.” This concept evolved into what it is today, a family that includes Fellows, Scholars, volunteers, and donors. But he is adamant that it wouldn’t be possible without the staff.

“We recognize who does the work. You’re here making a difference in somebody’s life. Sometimes people forget how important it is that the work they do really does make a difference, not just in one person’s life.” He went on to explain how the support of NBCC and Affiliates allowed him to create two addiction programs, mentor students and Fellows, and counsel thousands of people. “Your reach goes far beyond these office walls.”

With that sentiment in mind, NBCC cheered on Dr. Horne with an informal meet-and-greet full of stories, laughter, and snacks.

Visit our website to learn more, or join Dr. Horne on his ride on Instagram.

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