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International Capacity Building

Our international capacity building efforts help advance mental health care worldwide—reaching more underserved and never-served populations—by promoting certification and professionalism in counseling.

We do this with the utmost care and respect for the social, cultural, political, and economic realities of the areas where we are invited. We offer a range of programs, collaborating with regional and national organizations as they shape their credentialing policies, assessment methods, and training requirements to the needs of their populations.


Programs of Interest


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Travel with NBCC to exciting locations all over the world! We provide counselors who are board certified, as well as other counselors, counseling students, and other professionals a chance to interact with new cultures and learn about the community's mental health needs and available resources.

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International Counseling Certification

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Establish a professional counseling certification in your country. NBCC collaborates with local counseling leaders to create counseling certifications infused with country-specific professional requirements and standards.

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MHF (Mental Health Facilitator)

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Would you like to learn more about mental health skills, spread awareness, or combat stigma? The Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) program provides foundational mental health helping and referral skills trainings to match your community’s needs.

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We offer opportunities to learn and engage with communities internationally through our institutes and Mental Health Facilitator programs.

NBCC has collaborated with a number of entities internationally and maintains a general familiarity with the mental health profession worldwide. As rules and regulations vary across countries and tend to change, we recommend contacting the country’s counseling or mental health associations or organizations for specific details.

The International Capacity Building department is part of NBCC’s Foundation and Professional Services division. NBCC serves board certified counselors (NCCs), and thus, you can benefit from International Capacity Building department programs and opportunities simply by virtue of being an NCC. Counselors who are not NCCs and other mental health professionals also can participate in some International Capacity Building department programs.

Let's Get in Touch!

International Capacity Building

3 Terrace Way
Greensboro, NC 27403

P: +1.336.547.0607

E: international@nbcc.org

H: Monday - Friday: EST 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

European Board for Certified Counselors

EBCC - Associação
Rua Major Caldas Xavier, Nº 53, 3º Esq.
2675-313 Odivelas – Portugal

P: +351.217.575.473

E: contact@europeanbcc.eu


National and Regional Offices

NBCC’s national offices are points of contact for groups interested in national and regional counseling-related activities. National office staff work to promote counseling as a unique discipline.


European Board for Certified Counselors (EBCC) is a European established nonprofit organization that serves as the regional hub for NBCC's activities in Europe.

NBCC Argentina NBCC Argentina Logo

Director: Mr. Andrés Sánchez Bodas

Address: Alsina 114
San Isidro Prov. de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: +54 4743 1191

Web: http://www.holossanchezbodas.com.ar/nbccargentina/

NBCC Bhutan NBCC Bhutan Logo

Director: Ms. Tshering Dolkar

Address: Phendey Oudpel Lam,
Phendey Gatsel,
Lower Motithang,
P.O. Box 1404
Thimphu, Bhutan

NBCC Bulgaria NBCC Bulgaria Logo

Director: Mrs. Gergana Rakovska

Address: 7 San Stefano Str., ap. 4,
1504 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 2 42 63 759

Web: http://bulgaria.nbcc.org/bg/

Email: contact@bulgaria.nbcc.org

NBCC Greece NBCC Greece Logo

Director: Mrs. Maria Koutsafti

Associate Director: Ms. Angela Chougia

Address: 24 Fleming str
Nea Filothei Amarousiou 15123,
Athens, Greece

Tel: +30210 6891460 and +30210 6816850

Web: http://www.nbcc.gr

Email: ccd@hol.gr

NBCC Malawi NBCC Malawi Logo

Address: P.O. Box 30058
Lilongwe 3,

NBCC Mexico NBCC Mexico Logo

Director: Dr. Antonio Tena

Address: Cóndor 307 Bis, Las Águlias
Delegación Álvaro Obergón
México CDMX 01701

Tel: +521 55 5104 1958

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